As the agency of record for Uniqlo USA, we create most of their creatives (shown in Uniqlo stores all over), help develop marketing strategies, and execute their campaigns.

Working with mainly the content lead in our agency, I set up all of the past and ongoing advertisements for Uniqlo in America. On a daily basis, I manage its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaigns, observe its results, and report insights.

Here are some of our creatives from our team and the campaigns we have run in the past:

Strategy: For our Science of LifeWear campaign, a different campaign with creatives unrelated to the above, our strategy was to sequence it starting from awareness level to eventually driving web traffic. To gain insight into what our consumers most wanted, we ran multivariate adverts. Then we optimized campaign by KPI’s to understand which adverts performed best.

Results: On Facebook, the Science of LifeWear campaign video (now removed and re-uploaded as of 2018) in particular drove over 1.6 million impressions with ~38.45% view rate! Instagram and Twitter both showed a similar result with a ~30% view rate. Page likes for Uniqlo USA also increased by ~20k.


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